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The Deep State Shadow Government

The American Republic must Drain this Swamp

Rogue Agents of the Central Intelligence Agency (C.I.A.) promote a globalist agenda for a corporate-run "new world order" technocracy. These evil people only pretend to care while they demean "deplorables," line their pockets & laugh at the U.S. Constitution.

Almost nobody would realize that all these people, in some way or another, are working for a secret rogue C.I.A. Hard evidence of the conspiracy among these persons and organizations is available on the Crimeline. This is a prayer list for their repentance, whistleblowing, and to turn from their wicked ways.

Stylized Celtic Wheel Cross logotype

Rev.May 23, 2019 | SES = Senior Executive Service; LEGEND: These corruptocrat photos contain a stylized Christian Celtic Wheel Cross in the background alongside the text "Corruption Central," meaning we have put the person's conduct under the microscope and discovered that he or she is at the center of global corruption.

Traditional Celtic Wheel Cross logotype
Celtic Wheel Cross, elaborate

Judge Amy Berman Jackson asserted in Feb. 2019 that a heavily cropped version of her corruptocrat photo (First Amendment OPINION about a public official!) where the "corruption" text had been cropped out, as had the yellow toxic hazardous waste image, was unambiguously a rifle cross hair in her interpretation. The context of the image had been so heavily cropped that it looked suspiciously like someone had been paid to butcher it to fit her bogus narrative. Even so, her interpretation of the butchered version shows not only her woeful ignorance of theology, history, symbology and engineering, but also her self-serving violation of the Code of Conduct for U.S. Judges requiring her recusal for bias—not even counting her financial partiality to investment in scores of Clinton Foundation donors. The background logo could be many things, but she clearly wanted to see only a rifle sight (perhaps the victims of her Fast and Furious gun running fiasco with Eric Holder weigh heavily on her soul). Others assert equally ignorantly that the Cross is a pagan or white supremacist symbol.

Chi-Rho Christian Cross dates to 312 A.D. when Emperor Constantine adopted the symbol after his history-changing 'By this sign, you shall conquer' vision of the Cross of Jesus Christ on the Milvian Bridge.

This stylized Chi-Rho Christian Cross dates to 312 A.D. when Emperor Constantine adopted the symbol after his history-changing "By this sign, you shall conquer" vision of the Cross of Jesus Christ on the Milvian Bridge. A similar Wheel Cross form began to be widely used in Ireland by the seventh century. See footnote. The triple entendre indicates that the person's corrupt life—when studied under a microscope—has been found wanting, but that there is hope in Christ if the person repents from his or her wicked ways. It triples as a reticle or graticule built into all sorts of eyepieces in microscopes, oscilloscopes, surveying instruments, astronomy optics, precision pointers, binoculars, etching equipment, and yes, gun sights, but also computer mouse pointers! Therefore, to claim that it could only mean a gun sight is truly ignorant or self-serving. As discussed, it is a call to prayer and repentance based upon microscopic observation of the corruptcrat's conduct. For Judge Jackson to intepret the symbol in the only way she could think of as her judicial excuse to gag Roger Stone's FREE SPEECH right to defend himself is a heinous abuse of her authority. Chief Justice John Roberts should censor her immediately. Patriots must demand it. To further reinforce this triple entendre and to accomodate judicial sensibilities, our volunteers have updated the stylized Celtic Wheel Cross with an actual one, as well as changed the logo type to "Corruption Exposed." May the Lord deliver us from corrupt judges and their accomplices in America and around the world. Proverbs 17:23: "Corrupt judges accept secret bribes, and then justice is not done."

Katherine L. Adams
1. Katherine L. Adams
Apple, Honeywell, Sidley Austin LLP, Judiciary, DOJ
Madeleine J.K. Albright
2. Madeleine J.K. Albright
Executive branch, SES
Saul D. Alinsky
3. Saul D. Alinsky
Executive branch
Ramsey M. Al-Salam
4. Ramsey M. Al-Salam
Patent Office
Ana Padilla Elena Jargstorf Allan
5. Ana Padilla Elena Jargstorf Allan
Parliament (UK), Tavistock Institute, Wellcome, British Psych. Soc.
Richard Beecroft Allan
6. Richard Beecroft Allan
MP (UK), Facebook
Tom Amis
7. Tom Amis
Patent Office
Padmanabhan Anandan
8. Padmanabhan Anandan
Microsoft, DoD Highlands Forum
Gregg Anderson
9. Gregg Anderson
Patent Office
Charles N. Andreae III
10. Charles N. Andreae III
Bell Pottinger, SCL Corp, Sir Geoffrey E. Pattie, Tricurio, VISA
Marc L. Andreessen
11. Marc L. Andreessen
Facebook, Instagram, Andreessen-Horowitz
Richard G. Andrews
12. Richard G. Andrews
Judiciary, SES
Gay Ann-Spahn
13. Gay Ann-Spahn
Patent Office
Richard J. Arcara
14. Richard J. Arcara
Judiciary, Paul Ceglia persecution, SES
Brett Sinclair Armitage
15. Brett Sinclair Armitage
Patent Office
John D. Ashcroft
16. John D. Ashcroft
US Justice Department, SES
Abid Awan
17. Abid Awan
Debbie Wasserman-Schultz IT minion
Imran Awan
18. Imran Awan
Debbie Wasserman-Schultz IT minion
Jamal Awan
19. Jamal Awan
Debbie Wasserman-Schultz IT minion
Donald B. Ayer
20. Donald B. Ayer
Executive branch, SES
Georgianna W. Baden
21. Georgianna W. Baden
Patent Office
Elizabeth Frawley Bagley
22. Elizabeth Frawley Bagley
State Department, Clinton Foundation, SES
James A. Baker
23. James A. Baker
FBI, Dept. of Justice, Verizon, Bridgewater, SES
Stewart A. Baker
24. Stewart A. Baker
Executive branch, SES
Peter John Ball
25. Peter John Ball
Pedophile Church of England bishop, Eastbourne
Steven A. Balmer
26. Steven A. Balmer
Microsoft, IBM Eclipse Foundation
Douglas J. Band
27. Douglas J. Band
Clinton Foundation
Lisa H. Barsoomian
28. Lisa H. Barsoomian
Justice Department, Clinton Fndn, CIA, Rod J. Rosenstein
Carol A. Bartz
29. Carol A. Bartz
Yahoo, IBM Eclipse Foundation
Robert F. Bauer
30. Robert F. Bauer
Executive branch, Clinton Foundation, Facebook
Robert S. Bennett
31. Robert S. Bennett
Executive branch, Skadden Arps LLP, SES
John Bentel
32. John Bentel
State Department, SES
George Best
33. George Best
Patent Office
Preetinder Bharara
34. Preetinder Bharara
Judiciary, SES
Gina Bianchini
35. Gina Bianchini
Marc Andreessen
Joseph R. Biden
36. Joseph R. Biden
Executive branch, SES
Hunter R. Biden
37. Hunter R. Biden
Dept. of Commerce, Joe Biden
James Bidzos
38. James Bidzos
Verisign, RSA, NSA, IBM Eclipse Foundation
Kenneth J. Blackwell
39. Kenneth J. Blackwell
State executive
Louis E.  Bladel III
40. Louis E. Bladel III
Anthony Charles Lynton 'Tony' Blair
41. Anthony Charles Lynton 'Tony' Blair
British Privy Council, Prime Minister
Lloyd Blankfein
42. Lloyd Blankfein
Goldman Sachs
Richard Blumenthal
43. Richard Blumenthal
US Senate, Justice Department
Sidney Blumenthal
44. Sidney Blumenthal
Executive branch, SES
W. Michael Blumenthal
45. W. Michael Blumenthal
Executive branch, Clinton Foundation, SES
Richard C. Blum
46. Richard C. Blum
Diane Feinstein, Blum Capital, AVID, ISIS Mgmt, LeaderPlus election night reporting
James E. Boasberg
47. James E. Boasberg
Judiciary, FISA Court
Dana J. Boenta
48. Dana J. Boenta
Justice Department, SES
Jackie W. Bonilla
49. Jackie W. Bonilla
Patent Office
Richard Bookstaber
50. Richard Bookstaber
SEC, Morgan Stanley, U.S. Treasury, Bridgewater, DoD Highlands Forum
Eric J. Boswell
51. Eric J. Boswell
State Department, CIA, SES
Martina L. Bradford
52. Martina L. Bradford
AT&T, Harry Reid
Gene Branch
53. Gene Branch
Patent Office
Elizabeth J. Branda
54. Elizabeth J. Branda
DC Bar Ethics
Richard Charles Nicholas Branson
55. Richard Charles Nicholas Branson
Virgin Holdings Group, George Soros, Open Reason
James K. Bredar
56. James K. Bredar
MD Dist. Crt. Judge, Perkins Coie LLP, DLA Piper LLP
John J. Brennan
57. John J. Brennan
General Electric, IBM Eclipse Foundation
John O. Brennan
58. John O. Brennan
John T. Brennan
59. John T. Brennan
Military, Intelligence, NSA
James W. Breyer
60. James W. Breyer
Facebook, Accel Partners, IDG-Accel China, CIA
John T. Breyer
61. John T. Breyer
ComputerWorld, IDG-Accel China
Stephen G. Breyer
62. Stephen G. Breyer
Judiciary, SES
Martin Bridger
63. Martin Bridger
Scotland Yard, Amicus Legal Consultants Limited, Arvinder Sambei, Martin Polaine
Glen-David Brin
64. Glen-David Brin
CIA, Procter & Gamble, SAP, Google, DoD Highlands Forum
Philip Arthur John Broadley
65. Philip Arthur John Broadley
Prudential, Legal & General, Morgan Stanley, Lloyds, Reuters, SERCO, Eastbourne
Edgar Bronfman Jr.
66. Edgar Bronfman Jr.
Vivendi, Warner Music, Seagrams, Accretive
Williams C. Bryson
67. Williams C. Bryson
Justice Department, Judiciary
John Buchan
68. John Buchan
Propaganda Department (UK), Ministry of Information (1917)
Hung H. Bui
69. Hung H. Bui
Patent Office
Reeve T. Bull
70. Reeve T. Bull
Patent Office
Ursala M. Burns
71. Ursala M. Burns
Justin Busch
72. Justin Busch
Patent Office
George H.W. Bush
73. George H.W. Bush
Executive branch, CIA; Michael Connell Scandal; Karl Rove
George W. Bush
74. George W. Bush
Executive branch; Michael Connell Scandal; Karl Rove
John E. 'Jeb' Bush
75. John E. 'Jeb' Bush
Peter Paul Montgomery 'Pete' Buttigieg
76. Peter Paul M. 'Pete' Buttigieg
U.S. Congress, Cecil Rhodes Scholar; NWO groomed
Sydney C. Buxton
77. Sydney C. Buxton
Postmaster General (Marconi theft), Pres. Board of Trade, Gov. General of South Africa
Roel Campos
78. Roel Campos
Executive branch, SEC, SES
John P. Carlin
79. John P. Carlin
Justice Department, SES
Edward Henry Carson
80. Edward Henry Carson
1917 British War Cabinet, Solicitor General, First Lord of the Admiralty
James E. Cartwright
81. James E. Cartwright
Defense Department, SES
Stephen M. Case
82. Stephen M. Case
AOL, IBM Eclipse Foundation
Cassidy Sukhinder-Singh
83. Cassidy Sukhinder-Singh
Google, Amazon, News Corp
Alexandra Chalupa
84. Alexandra Chalupa
DNC, Clinton Foundation
John T. Chambers
85. John T. Chambers
Cisco, IBM Eclipse Foundation
James P. Chandler
86. James P. Chandler
Executive, Clinton Fndn, IBM Eclipse, Judiciary, Microsoft, NAIC, NIPLI, CIA, SES
Richard B. Cheney
87. Richard B. Cheney
Executive branch
Dennis Cheng
88. Dennis Cheng
Patent Office
Raymond T. Chen
89. Raymond T. Chen
Patent Office
David P. Chiappetta
90. David P. Chiappetta
Patent Office
Derek H. Chollet
91. Derek H. Chollet
Executive branch, SES
Aneesh Chopra
92. Aneesh Chopra
Executive branch
Theodore D. Chuang
93. Theodore D. Chuang
Wilmer Hale LLP, Md. Dist. Crt. Judge
Steven Chu
94. Steven Chu
Executive branch, SES
James R. Clapper
95. James R. Clapper
Craig W. Clark
96. Craig W. Clark
Patent Office
Wesley K. Clark
97. Wesley K. Clark
ENTRUST, Acxiom, UN, Bill Clinton, SES
Miriam González Durántez Clegg
98. Miriam González Durántez Clegg
Nick Clegg, UBS Limited, Privy Council
Nicholas William Peter Clegg
99. Nicholas William Peter Clegg
UBS Limited, Privy Council, Facebook, Open Reason, George Soros, Richard Branson, Social Mobility Fndn, Open Societies Fndn, Virgin, Euro Movement of the UK, Riveney UBS, Privy Council, Facebook, Soros, Branson, Open Societies, Virgin, Euro Mvmnt, Riveney
Ben T. Clements
100. Ben T. Clements
Hill & Barlow LLP, Deval L. Patrick
Matt Clements
101. Matt Clements
Patent Office
William J. Clinton
102. William J. Clinton
Executive branch, SES
Chelsea V. Clinton
103. Chelsea V. Clinton
Clinton Foundation
Hillary R. Clinton
104. Hillary R. Clinton
Clinton Foundation, SES
Matthew R. Cohler
105. Matthew R. Cohler
Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram
Gary D. Cohn
106. Gary D. Cohn
Executive branch, National Economic Council, Goldman Sachs, SES
William T. Coleman
107. William T. Coleman
BEA, Cassett, In-Q-Tel, C.I.A., Sun, Warburg Pincus, Veritas, Carlyle, Symantec, DoD Highlands Forum
Paul Combetta
108. Paul Combetta
State Department, Clinton Foundation
James B. Comey
109. James B. Comey
FBI, HSBC, Lockheed, SES
Rudolph Contreras
110. Rudolph Contreras
Judiciary (DC), SES
Justin G. Cooper
111. Justin G. Cooper
Clinton Foundation
David Corn
112. David Corn
Mother Jones
Jon S. Corzine
113. Jon S. Corzine
Goldman Sachs, TENEO, Clinton Foundation, MF Global
Dick Costolo
114. Dick Costolo
Twitter, IBM Eclipse Foundation
David J. Cowan
115. David J. Cowan
Verisign, Bessemer Ventures, Lifelock, LinkedIn
Robert Creamer
116. Robert Creamer
DNC, Clinton Foundation
Stephen D. Crocker
117. Stephen D. Crocker
Bob Cruikshank
118. Bob Cruikshank
Kit Crumbley
119. Kit Crumbley
Patent Office
Eduardo 'Eddy' H. Cue
120. Eduardo 'Eddy' H. Cue
Apple, Inc., Apple Europe Limited
Ward G. Cunningham
121. Ward G. Cunningham
Eclipse Foundation, Wiki
Gonzalo P. Curiel
122. Gonzalo P. Curiel
District Court (SD CA)
George Nathaniel Curzon
123. George Nathaniel Curzon
1917 British War Cabinet, Lord President of Privy Counsel, Air Board, Sec. of State, Lords Leader
Joseph P. Cutler
124. Joseph P. Cutler
Patent Office
Pamela Daley
125. Pamela Daley
William Danoff
126. William Danoff
Fidelity Contrafund, CIA
Gordon K. Davidson
127. Gordon K. Davidson
Fenwick & West LLP, Facebook, Leader Technologies, Castlight Health, CIA
F. Gary Davis
128. F. Gary Davis
Gov't Ethics, SES
Richard B. Dearlove
129. Richard B. Dearlove
British MI-6, Cambridge Security Initiative, Stefan A. Halper, Sir Geoffry E. Pattie
Janice L. DeGarmo
130. Janice L. DeGarmo
US State Department FOIA, Clinton Foundation, SES
Michael S. Dell
131. Michael S. Dell
Dell, IBM Eclipse Foundation, White House CEO Council
K. Scott Derrick
132. K. Scott Derrick
Government Accounting Office (GAO), DoD Highlands Forum
John M. Deutch
133. John M. Deutch
Danny Devito
134. Danny Devito
Skadden Arps LLP, JPMorgan Chase
Mikey Dickerson
135. Mikey Dickerson
Executive branch, Google, Obamacare, IBM Eclipse Foundation, US Digital Service
Alan Dillman
136. Alan Dillman
Man-in-the-Middle Election Rigging
Jamie Dimon
137. Jamie Dimon
JPMorgan Chase, IBM Eclipse Foundation
John Doerr
138. John Doerr
Kleiner Perkins, IBM Eclipse Foundation, CIA
Thomas E. Donilon
139. Thomas E. Donilon
Obama Advisor, CENC Vice Chair, SES
Irah H. Donner
140. Irah H. Donner
Wilmer & Hale LLP
Michael V. Drake
141. Michael V. Drake
Ohio State, Academia, M.O.O.C., Battelle, CIA
Michael R. Deeben
142. Michael R. Deeben
Department of Justice
Kristen L. Droesch
143. Kristen L. Droesch
Patent Office
Allen Welsh Dulles
144. Allen Welsh Dulles
Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), Sullivan & Cromwell LLP
Anita B. Dunn
145. Anita B. Dunn
Executive branch, Perkins Coie LLP, Facebook
Dermot-Mark Durcan
146. Dermot-Mark Durcan
Micron Technoloy, White House CEO Council
Catherine S.  Duval
147. Catherine S. Duval
Williams & Connolly LLP, Hillary Clinton, Executive branch, Clinton Foundation
Robert R. Dykes
148. Robert R. Dykes
Timothy B. Dyk
149. Timothy B. Dyk
Esther Dyson
150. Esther Dyson
Dventure, TrustID, Bloomberg, DoD Highlands Forum
Moukhtar Dzhakishev
151. Moukhtar Dzhakishev
Clinton Foundation
David A. Ebersman
152. David A. Ebersman
Alicia K. Edwards
153. Alicia K. Edwards
Patent Office
Marc E. Elias
154. Marc E. Elias
Perkins Coie LLP, DNC
Larry J. Ellison
155. Larry J. Ellison
Rama Elluru
156. Rama Elluru
Patent Office
Rahm I. Emanuel
157. Rahm I. Emanuel
Executive office, SES
Jeffrey E. Epstein
158. Jeffrey E. Epstein
Convicted Pedophile Consultant, Clinton Foundation
David A.R. Evans
159. David A.R. Evans
Ernst & Young (London), Salem Media
Dianne G. B. Feinstein
160. Dianne G. B. Feinstein
Congress, SF-CA, Clinton Foundation, SES
William A. Fenwick
161. William A. Fenwick
Fenwick & West LLP, CIA
Addison M. Fischer
162. Addison M. Fischer
Executive office, Clinton Foundation
Michael Fitzpatrick
163. Michael Fitzpatrick
Patent Office
Barney Frank
164. Barney Frank
James E. Freeze
165. James E. Freeze
Pinkerton, Intelligence, NSA, CIA
Benjamin M. Friedman
166. Benjamin M. Friedman
Brian Friel
167. Brian Friel, DoD Highlands Group
Richard C. Fuisz
168. Richard C. Fuisz
Merrick B. Garland
169. Merrick B. Garland
Judiciary, SES
Melinda A. Gates
170. Melinda A. Gates
Microsoft, Clinton Foundation, IBM Eclipse Foundation, Gates Foundation
William H. Gates
171. William H. Gates
Microsoft, Clinton Foundation, IBM Eclipse Foundation, Gates Foundation
David Lloyd George
172. David Lloyd George
Prime Minister, 1917 British War Cabinet
David R. Gergen
173. David R. Gergen
Executive branch; media
Bart A. Gerstenblith
174. Bart A. Gerstenblith
Patent Office
Thomes L. Giannetti
175. Thomes L. Giannetti
Patent Office
Ruth B. Ginsburg
176. Ruth B. Ginsburg
Judiciary, SES
Frank Giustra
177. Frank Giustra
Clinton Foundation, UrAsia, Uranium One, Barrick Gold
Sol Glasner
178. Sol Glasner
Executive office, Mitre, Clinton Foundation
Andrew D Goldstein
179. Andrew D Goldstein
US Justice Department, JPMorgan, SES
Kris Gopalakrishnan
180. Kris Gopalakrishnan
Infosys, Axilor Ventures, DoD Highlands Forum
Albert A. Gore
181. Albert A. Gore
Executive office, SES
Porter J. Goss
182. Porter J. Goss
Susan P. Graber
183. Susan P. Graber
Laura Graham
184. Laura Graham
Clinton Foundation
Lindsey O. Graham
185. Lindsey O. Graham
Congress, Clinton Foundation
Randolph A. Graves
186. Randolph A. Graves
Eurotech, NASA, Clinton Foundation
Saul Greenberg
187. Saul Greenberg
Facebook, Academic
Ben Gross
188. Ben Gross
Microsoft, Linde Group, UC Berkeley, DoD Highlands Forum
Rae Lynn Guest
189. Rae Lynn Guest
Patent Office
Keith Gull
190. Keith Gull
Wellcome Trust, Tavistock Institute, Biochemical Society, Eastbourne
John Hagel
191. John Hagel
McKinsey, Davos, Aspen Inst, Deloitte, Santa Fe Inst, Indep Inst, Harvard, DoD Highlands Forum
Don V. Hahnfeldt
192. Don V. Hahnfeldt
Navy, Eurotech, Clinton Foundation
Stefan A. Halper
193. Stefan A. Halper
Stanford, Cambridge, Oxford, Bushes, DoD Net Assess., Dirty Dossier, Cambridge Sec. Init., R. Dearlove, Geoffrey Pattie, Privy Council, SES
Robert P. Hannigan
194. Robert P. Hannigan
Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ)
Monica R.  Hanley
195. Monica R. Hanley
Legislature, SES
Ann M. Harkins
196. Ann M. Harkins
Executive branch, Podesta, Clinton Foundation, SES
Karen M. Hastings
197. Karen M. Hastings
Patent Office
Wilmost R. Hastings
198. Wilmost R. Hastings
Michael V. Hayden
199. Michael V. Hayden
Teo Chee Hean
200. Teo Chee Hean
Singapore Defence, DoD Highlands Forum
Arthur Henderson
201. Arthur Henderson
MP, Paymaster-General, Home Secretary, Labour Leader, Sec. of State, 1917 War Cabinet
John L.  Hennessy
202. John L. Hennessy
Stanford, Academia
Elizabeth A. Herman
203. Elizabeth A. Herman
DC Bar Ethics
Reid G. Hoffman
204. Reid G. Hoffman
LinkedIn, Facebook, PayPal
Marc Hoff
205. Marc Hoff
Patent Office
Eric H. Holder
206. Eric H. Holder
Executive branch, Judiciary, Intelligence, SES
Jan Horbaly
207. Jan Horbaly
Linda Horner
208. Linda Horner
Patent Office
Michael E. Horowitz
209. Michael E. Horowitz
Dept. of Justice, Inspector General, SES
Chris Hughes
210. Chris Hughes
Deandra M. Hughes
211. Deandra M. Hughes
Patent Office
James R. Hughes
212. James R. Hughes
Patent Office
Todd M. Hughes
213. Todd M. Hughes
Patent Office
Larry Hume
214. Larry Hume
Patent Office
Thomas G. Hungar
215. Thomas G. Hungar
Facebook, Gibson Dunn LLP, Microsoft, Judiciary
Michael R. Isikoff
216. Michael R. Isikoff
Yahoo! News
Israelian Verdi
217. Israelian Verdi
Goldman Sachs, Facebook
Rufus Daniel Isaacs
218. Rufus Daniel Isaacs
Marconi Scandal fraudster w/ Lloyd George, MP, Lord Chief Justice, Attorney General, Solicitor General, Foreign Secretary, QC
Amy Berman Jackson
219. Amy Berman Jackson
Judiciary, Fast & Furious, Fidelity, failed Mueller coup d'état of President Donald J. Trump
James Housel
220. James Housel
Patent Office
Valerie J.B. Jarrett
221. Valerie J.B. Jarrett
Executive branch, SES
Xi Jingping
222. Xi Jingping
China premier
David R. Johnson
223. David R. Johnson
Wilmer & Hale LLP, Clinton Foundation
James L. Jones
224. James L. Jones
NSA, Hillary Clinton
Jerry C. Jones
225. Jerry C. Jones
Rose Law Firm, Hillary Clinton, ENTRUST, Acxiom Group, Live Ramp, Project Dragonfly
Vernon E. Jordan, Jr.
226. Vernon E. Jordan, Jr.
Clinton Foundation, SES
Hung J. Jung
227. Hung J. Jung
Patent Office
Charles H. Kable IV
228. Charles H. Kable IV
Peter J. Kadzik
229. Peter J. Kadzik
Justice Department, SES
Kagame Paul
230. Kagame Paul
Clinton Foundation/CIA
Elena Kagen
231. Elena Kagen
Judiciary, SES
Timothy M. Kaine
232. Timothy M. Kaine
Congress, Clinton Foundation
Scott Kamholz
233. Scott Kamholz
Patent Office
David J. Kappos
234. David J. Kappos
IBM, Patent Office, Cravath Swaine LLP, SES
Marcia C. Kaptur
235. Marcia C. Kaptur
Congress (OH-9th)
Phil Karn
236. Phil Karn
Qualcomm, White House CEO Council
Alexander C. Karp
237. Alexander C. Karp
Palantir, IBM Eclipse Foundation, NSA
John R. Kasich
238. John R. Kasich
Ohio Governor, Congress, Wall Street, Silicon Valley, George Soros, Mark Kvamme, LinkedIn
Deborah Katz
239. Deborah Katz
Patent Office
Frank Keating
240. Frank Keating
Justice Department, Governor of Oklahoma
Heidi L. Keefe
241. Heidi L. Keefe
Facebook, Cooley Godward LLP, White & Case LLP
Declan Kelly
242. Declan Kelly
Clinton Foundation, Executive branch, TENEO Holdings
John F. Kelly
243. John F. Kelly
Executive Branch,Marines
Steven J. Kempf
244. Steven J. Kempf
GSA, Senior Executive Service (SES)
David E.  Kendall
245. David E. Kendall
Williams & Connolly LLP, Hillary Clinton
Patrick F. Kennedy
246. Patrick F. Kennedy
Executive branch, SES
Stuart Kern
247. Stuart Kern
Executive branch, Clinton Foundation
Robert C. Ketterson
248. Robert C. Ketterson
Vanguard, Facebook
Thomas J. Kim
249. Thomas J. Kim
Executive branch, SEC, Latham & Watkins LLP, SES
Grant E. Kinsel
250. Grant E. Kinsel
Patent Office
David Kirkpatrick
251. David Kirkpatrick
Facebook, Fortune
Robert Kocher
252. Robert Kocher
Executive branch, Obamacare, Castlight Health, athenahealth
John A. Koskinen
253. John A. Koskinen
David J. Kramer
254. David J. Kramer
State Department, McCain Institute
Paul D. Kretkowski
255. Paul D. Kretkowski
DHS DNSSEC, Shinkuro, Stephen D. Crocker, ICANN, DoD Highlands Forum
Mark Kvamme
256. Mark Kvamme
LinkedIn, Facebook, John Kasich
Ann H. Lamont
257. Ann H. Lamont
Facebook, Meritech, Castlight Health, athenahealth, IBM Eclipse Foundation
David H. Laufman
258. David H. Laufman
CIA, Justice Department, SES
Andrew Bonar Law
259. Andrew Bonar Law
Prime Minister, Lord Privy Seal, Chancellor, Sec. Board of Trade, MP, 1917 British War Cabinet
Timothy John Berners-Lee
260. Timothy John Berners-Lee
CERN, C.I.A., W3C (MIT), CSAIL, Ford Foundation
Lois G. Lerner
261. Lois G. Lerner
Serhiy Leshchenko
262. Serhiy Leshchenko
Ukranian journalist
Marne L. Levine-Deutch
263. Marne L. Levine-Deutch
Facebook, Executive branch, Instagram, Clinton Foundation, SES
Arthur D. Levinson
264. Arthur D. Levinson
Genentech, IBM Eclipse Foundation
John R. Lewis
265. John R. Lewis
Legislature, Benghazi, IRS, Clinton Foundation
Ron Limieux
266. Ron Limieux
Patent Office
John Lindfors
267. John Lindfors
Goldman Sachs, DST,, IBM Eclipse Foundation
Bruce R. Lindsey
268. Bruce R. Lindsey
Clinton Foundation, SES
Ping Li
269. Ping Li
Facebook, Accel Partners, IDG-Accel China, IBM Eclipse Foundation
Steven B. Lipner
270. Steven B. Lipner
Mitre, Microsoft, IBM Eclipse Foundation
Robin Yangong Li
271. Robin Yangong Li
Baidu ADR, IBM Eclipse Foundation
Joseph Lockhart
272. Joseph Lockhart
Executive branch, Clinton Foundation, Facebook, SES
Joseph Lonsdale
273. Joseph Lonsdale
Palantir, IBM Eclipse Foundation
Mark Loughridge
274. Mark Loughridge
IBM, IBM Eclipse Foundation, Lenovo
Gilman Louie
275. Gilman Louie
CIA, National Venture Capital Association, IBM Eclipse Foundation
Alan D. Lourie
276. Alan D. Lourie
Jay Lucas
277. Jay Lucas
Patent Office
Loretta E. Lynch
278. Loretta E. Lynch
Executive branch, Judiciary, FBI,SES
Allen R. MacDonald
279. Allen R. MacDonald
Patent Office
Mark J.  MacDougall
280. Mark J. MacDougall
Executive branch, Judiciary, FBI, Akin Gump LLP
Alexandra Mahaney
281. Alexandra Mahaney
Patent Office
Mark Malloch Malloch-Brown
282. Mark Malloch Malloch-Brown
Open Societies Foundation, Soros, United Nations, Smartmatic, Optech, Privy Council
Algernon L. Marbley
283. Algernon L. Marbley
Giulia-Ceresa Marchiori
284. Giulia-Ceresa Marchiori
Highland Group Pentagon, Silicon Valley
Guglielmo Marconi
285. Guglielmo Marconi
Theft of Wireless Telegraphy from Nikola Tesla
Kristine Marcy
286. Kristine Marcy
Senior Executive Service (SES), Clinton Foundation
Jeff Markey
287. Jeff Markey
McBee Strategic LLC, Cooley Godward LLP, Executive branch
Andrew W. Marshall
288. Andrew W. Marshall
DoD Net Assement Director, Highlands Group, SES
Brett Martin
289. Brett Martin
Patent Office
William J. Martini
290. William J. Martini
Legislature, Judiciary, Clinton Foundation
Charles F.G. Masterman
291. Charles F.G. Masterman
British War Propaganda Bureau (1914), Wellington House
Lynn Mattice
292. Lynn Mattice
Boston Scientific, IBM Eclipse Foundation
Terry R. McAuliffe
293. Terry R. McAuliffe
Clinton Foundation
Steve McBee
294. Steve McBee
McBee Strategic LLC, Cooley Godward LLP, Executive branch, Michael Rhodes
Andrew McCabe
295. Andrew McCabe
FBI, Executive branch, Clinton Foundation, SES
Barbra Jill McCabe
296. Barbra Jill McCabe
FBI, Executive branch, Clinton Foundation, SES
John S. McCain
297. John S. McCain
Congress, Clinton Foundation
Mary B. McCord
298. Mary B. McCord
Justice Department
James R.  McCullagh
299. James R. McCullagh
Patent Office
Charles McGonigal
300. Charles McGonigal
Michael F. McGowan
301. Michael F. McGowan
Facebook, Stroz Friedberg LLP
Dave McKone
302. Dave McKone
Patent Office
Thomas F. McLarty
303. Thomas F. McLarty
Acxiom Group, Clinton Chief of Staff, Henry Kissinger, Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)
Herbert R. 'HR' McMaster
304. Herbert R. 'HR' McMaster
Army, National Security Council
Frederick William 'Bill' McNabb
305. Frederick William 'Bill' McNabb
Vanguard, National Venture Capital Association (NVCA)
Brian J. McNamara
306. Brian J. McNamara
Patent Office
Matthew McNeil
307. Matthew McNeil
Patent Office
Sally Medley
308. Sally Medley
Patent Office
Kenneth A. Mendelson
309. Kenneth A. Mendelson
Stroz Friedberg LLC, Executive branch
Richard L. Menschel
310. Richard L. Menschel
Sabina Menschel Priestap
311. Sabina Menschel Priestap
Steven Meyers
312. Steven Meyers
Executive branch, Judiciary
Joseph Mifsud
313. Joseph Mifsud
CIA, LINK Campus (Rome), London Center for International Law and Practice (LCILP), Arvinder Sambei
Michael R. Miles
314. Michael R. Miles
Lois Lerner, IRS
Cheryl D. Mills
315. Cheryl D. Mills
Executive branch, Clinton Foundation, SES
Alfred Milner
316. Alfred Milner
2017 British War Cabinet; 2nd Boer War Criminal; Marconi theft; Round Table; CFR
Yuri Milner
317. Yuri Milner
Facebook,, DST, Digital Sky Technologies, Vkontackte
Paul Mogin
318. Paul Mogin
Williams & Connolly LLP, Hillary Clinton, Executive branch, Clinton Foundation
Steven M. Mollenkopf
319. Steven M. Mollenkopf
Qualcomm, White House CEO Council, IBM Eclipse Foundation
Robby E. Mook
320. Robby E. Mook
Clinton Foundation, Hillary Clinton, SES
Bryan Moore
321. Bryan Moore
Patent Office
James T. Moore
322. James T. Moore
Patent Office
Kimberly A. Moore
323. Kimberly A. Moore
Matthew J. Moore
324. Matthew J. Moore
Judiciary, Latham & Watkins LLP
Shea B. Morenz
325. Shea B. Morenz
Stratfors, CIA
Jason V. Morgan
326. Jason V. Morgan
Patent Office
Michael J. Morrell
327. Michael J. Morrell
CIA, Clinton Foundation, SES
John Morrison
328. John Morrison
Patent Office
Ardavan Farhad Moshiri
329. Ardavan Farhad Moshiri
Alisher Usmanov, Yuri Milner, Facebook
Dustin Moskovitz
330. Dustin Moskovitz
Robert S. Mueller
331. Robert S. Mueller
FBI, Executive branch, Clinton Foundation, SES
Michael B. Mukasey
332. Michael B. Mukasey
Justice Department, SES
Nursultan A. Nazarbayev
333. Nursultan A. Nazarbayev
Clinton Foundation, UrAsia, Uranium One
Shiela V. Noakes
334. Shiela V. Noakes
Bank of England, London School of Business, KPMG, Reuters, Eastbourne
Thomas A Noonan
335. Thomas A Noonan
IBM, IBM Eclipse Foundation, NSA, Intelligence
Jeffrey Norberg
336. Jeffrey Norberg
Facebook, Cooley Godward LLP
Nigel John Oakes
337. Nigel John Oakes
SCL Corp, Cambridge Analytica, Geoffrey Pattie
Barack H. Obama
338. Barack H. Obama
Executive branch, SES
Michelle L.R.  Obama
339. Michelle L.R. Obama
Executive branch, SES
Bruce G. Ohr
340. Bruce G. Ohr
Justice Department, Fusion GPS, SES
Nellie H. Ohr
341. Nellie H. Ohr
Justice Department, Fusion GPS, SES
Theodore B. Olson
342. Theodore B. Olson
Gibson Dunn LLP, Facebook, SES
Richard P. O'Neill
343. Richard P. O'Neill
Highland Forum, Pentagon, SES
Samuel O'Rourke
344. Samuel O'Rourke
Facebook, White & Case LLP, Cooley Godward LLP
Juan P. Osuna
345. Juan P. Osuna
Executive branch, Clinton Foundation,SES
Raymond Ozzie
346. Raymond Ozzie
Lotus, IBM, Microsoft, DoD Highlands Group
Carter W. Page
347. Carter W. Page
Lisa C. Page
348. Lisa C. Page
FBI, Peter P. Strzok, II, SES
Bryan Pagliano
349. Bryan Pagliano
Executive branch, Clinton Foundation, SES
Chung K. Pak
350. Chung K. Pak
Patent Office
Larry L. Palmer
351. Larry L. Palmer
US State Department FOIA, Clinton Foundation, SES
Samuel J. Palmisano
352. Samuel J. Palmisano
IBM, Obama CENC Vice Chair
Leon A. Panetta
353. Leon A. Panetta
CIA, OMB, Clinton Foundation, SES
Edward Y. Park
354. Edward Y. Park
Executive branch, Castlight Health, athenahealth, SES
Todd Y. Park
355. Todd Y. Park
Executive branch, WH CTO, HHS CTO, Castlight Health, athenahealth, Hillary 2016
Parker Zhang
356. Parker Zhang
Baidu ADR, Fenwick & West LLP
Deval L. Patrick
357. Deval L. Patrick
Hill & Barlow PC, Massachusetts Governor, Robert S. Mueller partner
Diane B. Patrick
358. Diane B. Patrick
Hill & Barlow PC, Massachusetts Governor, Robert S. Mueller partner
Geoffrey E. Pattie
359. Geoffrey E. Pattie
SCL Corp, Cambridge Analytica, SERCO, British Privy Council
James Payne
360. James Payne
Patent Office
Nancy D. Pelosi
361. Nancy D. Pelosi
Legislature, Clinton Foundation
Glen J. Perry
362. Glen J. Perry
Patent Office
Meredith C. Petravick
363. Meredith C. Petravick
Patent Office
Lynne Pettigrew
364. Lynne Pettigrew
Patent Office
Sundar Sundararajan Pichai
365. Sundar Sundararajan Pichai
Google, Alphabet
Debora A. Plunkett
366. Debora A. Plunkett
NSA, NSC, Johns Hopkins, Univ. of Maryland, JC Penney, Towson Univ., DoD Highlands Forum
Anthony T. Podesta
367. Anthony T. Podesta
Lobbyist, Executive branch, Clinton Foundation
John D. Podesta
368. John D. Podesta
Executive branch, Clinton Foundation, Joule Unlimited, Wyss Foundation, Spirit Cooking, SES
Martin D. Polaine
369. Martin D. Polaine
Amicus Legal Consultants Limited, Public International Law Advisory Group, Arvinder K. Sambei, Brookes Chambers,
Michael R. Pompeo
370. Michael R. Pompeo
CIA, Harvard, Congress, Tea Party, SES
Petro O. Poroshenko
371. Petro O. Poroshenko
Ukranian president
Donna Praiss
372. Donna Praiss
Patent Office
Edward William Priestap
373. Edward William Priestap
Penny S. Pritzker
374. Penny S. Pritzker
Dept. of Commerce
Miriam Quinn
375. Miriam Quinn
Patent Office
Randall R. Rader
376. Randall R. Rader
Judiciary, Weil Gotshal LLP
Edith Ramirez
377. Edith Ramirez
Senior Executive Service (SES), Federal Trade Commission (FTC)
Theresia-Gouw Ranzetta
378. Theresia-Gouw Ranzetta
Facebook, Accel Partners LLP, IBM Eclipse Foundation
James A. 'Jay' Rasulo
379. James A. 'Jay' Rasulo
Disney, Pixar, ABC, ESPN, Comcast, Muppets, DoD Highlands Forum
John Rawlings Rees
380. John Rawlings Rees
Tavistock Institute and Clinic, C.I.A. MKUltra, Special Operations Executive, World Federal for Mental Health, United Nations
Harry M. Reid
381. Harry M. Reid
Legislature, Clinton Foundation, Judiciary
Edward R. Reines
382. Edward R. Reines
Judiciary, Weil Gotshal LLP
Janet W. Reno
383. Janet W. Reno
Executive branch, Justice Department, SES
Jeannie S. Rhee
384. Jeannie S. Rhee
Wilmer Hale LLP, Mueller Special Counsel, DOJ
Cecil John Rhodes
385. Cecil John Rhodes
1st Boer War criminal, DeBeers, Round Table, Rhodes Scholarship
Michael D. Rhodes
386. Michael D. Rhodes
Facebook, Cooley Godward LLP, McBee Strategic
Michael John de Rougement Richardson
387. Michael John de Rougement Richardson
N.M. Rothschild & Sons, Invesco, Rank, Queen's Golden Share, Eastbourne
Daniel C. Richman
388. Daniel C. Richman
Columbus Law, FBI, James B. Comey
James L. Robart
389. James L. Robart
Gerald  Roberts Jr.
390. Gerald Roberts Jr.
John G. Jr. Roberts
391. John G. Jr. Roberts
Judiciary, Gibson Dunn LLP
Sue L. Robinson
392. Sue L. Robinson
Judiciary, Clinton Foundation
Anne Rockhold
393. Anne Rockhold
Facebook, Accel Partners LLP, National Venture Capital Association
Dana T. Rohrbacher
394. Dana T. Rohrbacher
Congress, DoD appropriations
Virginia M. Rometty
395. Virginia M. Rometty
IBM, IBM Eclipse Foundation, White House CEO Council
Mitt Romney
396. Mitt Romney
Goldman Sachs
David F. Ronfeldt
397. David F. Ronfeldt
RAND Corp, DoD Highlands Forum
Bryan J. Rose
398. Bryan J. Rose
Stroz Friedberg, Facebook
Rod J. Rosenstein
399. Rod J. Rosenstein
Justice Department, SES
Alec Ross
400. Alec Ross
Executive branch, Facebook
Nathan Mayer Rothschild
401. Nathan Mayer Rothschild
Banking, Cecil Rhodes, Alfred Milner, David Lloyd George
Karl C. Rove
402. Karl C. Rove
RNC, Bush Family; Michael Connell Scandal
Marco A. Rubio
403. Marco A. Rubio
Congress, Goldman Sachs
Catherine M. Russell
404. Catherine M. Russell
Executive branch, Clinton Foundation, SES
Jim Rybicki
405. Jim Rybicki
FBI, James P. Chandler III
John Hamilton Ryley
406. John Hamilton Ryley
BBC, ITN, SkyNews TV producer; head of Sky News; NWO Tavistock, Eastbourne
William Saindon
407. William Saindon
Patent Office
Arvinder K. Sambei
408. Arvinder K. Sambei
Chief Crown Prosecutor; FBI; aka Arvinda Sambir (2001); London Centre for International Law Practice (LCILP); Brookes Chambers
Heather F. Samuelson
409. Heather F. Samuelson
Hillary Clinton, Counsel on Foreign Relations, SES
Sheryl K. Sandberg
410. Sheryl K. Sandberg
Facebook, Hillary Clinton, Google, IBM Eclipse Foundation, Larry Summers, Yuri Milner, SES
Frank M. Sands, Jr.
411. Frank M. Sands, Jr.
Sands Capital
Frank M. Sands, Sr.
412. Frank M. Sands, Sr.
Sands Capital
Margaret H. Sanger
413. Margaret H. Sanger
Planned Parenthood, KKK
Christina Sass
414. Christina Sass
Clinton Foundation
Alison M. Saunders
415. Alison M. Saunders
Crown Prosecution Services; Linklaters LLP; FBI Crossfire Hurricane; Bruce and Nellie Ohr
Eduardo Saverin
416. Eduardo Saverin
James Wilson Vincent 'Jimmy' Savile
417. James Wilson Vincent 'Jimmy' Savile
British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC); Forty-year Serial Pedophile and Rapist
Patrick Scanlon
418. Patrick Scanlon
Patent Office
Alvin A. Schall
419. Alvin A. Schall
Patent Office
Mary L. Schapiro
420. Mary L. Schapiro
SEC, Executive branch, Clinton Foundation, SES
Adam Bennett  Schiff
421. Adam Bennett Schiff
Theodore E. Schlein
422. Theodore E. Schlein
Kleiner Perkins, IBM Eclipse Foundation
Eric Schmidt
423. Eric Schmidt
Google, Clinton Foundation
Debbie Wasserman-Schultz
424. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz
DNC, Hillary Clinton
Nicole Seligman
425. Nicole Seligman
Sony, Clinton Foundation
Thomas A. Shea
426. Thomas A. Shea
Jon Corzine, Confluence Prtnrs, Teno, New Prtnrs, Kerry, Edwards, Clinton WH, State Dept
Mike Sheehy
427. Mike Sheehy
Nancy Pelosi, Brightsource, McBee Strategic
Dmitry Shevelenko
428. Dmitry Shevelenko
Facebook, Hillary Clinton, Executive branch
Clay Shirky
429. Clay Shirky
New York Times, Wall Street Journal,Harvard Business Review, Wired, DoD Highlands Forum
Kathryn Siehndel
430. Kathryn Siehndel
Patent Office, Clinton Foundation
Glenn R. Simpson
431. Glenn R. Simpson
Fusion GPS, Perkins Coie LLP
Lisa Simpson
432. Lisa Simpson
Facebook, Orrick Herrington LLP
Pradeep Sindhu
433. Pradeep Sindhu
Juniper Networks, NSA, Intelligence, IBM Eclipse Foundation
Stephen C. Siu
434. Stephen C. Siu
Patent Office, IBM, Microsoft, Xerox, Clinton Foundation, CIA
Vladimir Skoch
435. Vladimir Skoch
Alisher Usmanov, Facebook
Anne-Marie Slaughter
436. Anne-Marie Slaughter
Executive branch, Hillary Clinton, George Soros, Clinton Foundation, SES
Carlos  Slim
437. Carlos Slim
Telmex, New York Times, Clinton Foundation
Richard E. Smalley
438. Richard E. Smalley
Rice University, DoD Highlands Group
James Donald Smith
439. James Donald Smith
Patent Office
Neil Smith
440. Neil Smith
Patent Office
Jan Christian Smuts
441. Jan Christian Smuts
1917 British War Cabinet, Prime Minister of South Africa
Sheridan Snedden
442. Sheridan Snedden
Patent Officwe
Orin S. Snyder
443. Orin S. Snyder
Gibson & Dunn LLP, Ceglia persecution
John D. Sonderman
444. John D. Sonderman
Executive branch, Clinton Foundation, SES
Daniel Song
445. Daniel Song
Patent Office
George Soros
446. George Soros
Executive branch, Clinton Foundation
Elizabeth Stemeshkin
447. Elizabeth Stemeshkin
Cooley Godward LLP
Leonard P. Stark
448. Leonard P. Stark
Judiciary, Facebook, Skadden Arps LLP, CIA
Kenneth R. Starr
449. Kenneth R. Starr
Judiciary, Justice Department
Christopher D. Steele
450. Christopher D. Steele
Fusion GPS, Perkins Coie LLP
Eric F. Stein
451. Eric F. Stein
US State Department FOIA, Clinton Foundation, SES
Jay B. Stephens
452. Jay B. Stephens
Executive branch, Raytheon
Donald K. Stern
453. Donald K. Stern
Cooley Godward LLP, Executive branch, Judiciary, Facebook, SES
Terrence P. Stewart
454. Terrence P. Stewart
Judiciary, Federal Circuit Bar Association
Mike Strauss
455. Mike Strauss
Patent Office
Peter P. Strzok II
456. Peter P. Strzok II
FBI, Hillary Clinton, SES
Allan E. Suchinsky
457. Allan E. Suchinsky
Executive branch, Clinton Foundation, SES
Jake Sullivan
458. Jake Sullivan
Executive branch, Clinton Foundation, SES
Joseph E.  Sullivan
459. Joseph E. Sullivan
Cloudflare, Robert Mueller, Obama WH, Mark Cuban, Facebook, Ebay, Airbnb, Skype, Bluecava, PayPal, C.I.A.
Lawrence H. Summers
460. Lawrence H. Summers
Executive branch, Facebook, Clinton Founation, SES
James Swartz
461. James Swartz
Facebook, Accel Partners LLP
Alexander Tamas
462. Alexander Tamas
Goldman Sachs, Facebook
Ian Tefler
463. Ian Tefler
Clinton Foundation, Uranium One
Maruice Tempelsman
464. Maruice Tempelsman
Barrick Gold Corporation
George Tenet
465. George Tenet
Executive branch, DCI, Intelligence, SES
Geo. J. Terwilliger III
466. Geo. J. Terwilliger III
Executive branch
Anthony J. Tether
467. Anthony J. Tether
DoD, DARPA, Sequoia Group, SAIC, Dynamics Tech, Ellington Healthcare, SSCI, Ford Aero, Loral, IEEE, Stanford
Peter A. Thiel
468. Peter A. Thiel
PayPal, Facebook, LinkedIn, Palantir, IBM Eclipse Foundation, NSA
John W. Thompson
469. John W. Thompson
Microsoft, Clinton Foundation, IBM Eclipse Foundation, Symantec, IBM
Lee Tien
470. Lee Tien
Executive branch, Electronic Frontier Foundation, CIA
Tomicah S. Tillemann
471. Tomicah S. Tillemann
Executive branch, Hillary Clinton, Facebook
Catherine Timm
472. Catherine Timm
Patent Office
Nora F.  Toiv
473. Nora F. Toiv
Executive branch, Hillary Clinton, Clinton Foundation, SES
Joseph M. Tucci
474. Joseph M. Tucci
EMC, IBM Eclipse Foundation, White House CEO Council
Theodore W. Ullyot
475. Theodore W. Ullyot
Facebook, IBM Eclipse Foundation
Alisher Usmanov
476. Alisher Usmanov
Facebook,, DST, Digital Sky Technologies, Vkontakte
Michael Vachon
477. Michael Vachon
George Soros, Clinton Foundation, Executive branch
Erich Veitenheimer
478. Erich Veitenheimer
Patent Office
Philip J. Venables
479. Philip J. Venables
Goldman Sachs, DoD Highlands Forum
Jon Venverloh
480. Jon Venverloh
Google, Salem Media, Sloan, Weather Channel, Saatchi Saatchi, Virtualis
Deepak Verma
481. Deepak Verma
Clinton Foundation
Philip L. Verveer
482. Philip L. Verveer
Executive branch, Clinton Foundation, SES
Philip L. Verveer
483. Philip L. Verveer
Executive branch, ICANN, SES
Natalia V. Veseinistskaya
484. Natalia V. Veseinistskaya
Trump-Russia hoax
Rachel B. Vogelstein
485. Rachel B. Vogelstein
Executive branch, Clinton Foundation, SES
Jeffrey Wadsworth
486. Jeffrey Wadsworth
Executive branch, Intelligence, Clinton Foundation, Common Core, M.O.O.C.
Richard John Wainwright
487. Richard John Wainwright
Investec, Lord Mark Malloch-Brown, George Soros, Open Society, ICG, World Bank, Eastbourne
M. Mitchell Waldroop
488. M. Mitchell Waldroop
Massive Open Online Courses, aka MOOCs, Fast Company, Nature, DoD Highlands Forum
David Alan Walker
489. David Alan Walker
Morgan Stanley, Brit. Ven. Cap. Assoc., DHS, DOD, DOT, DOE, NASA, Reuters, ABS, Brit. Intell. Prop. Law Inst., Geoffrey E. Pattie
Richard C. Walker
490. Richard C. Walker
Agilent Technologies, Inc., HP, Kline & Walker LLC; James P. Chandler, III
Evan J. Wallach
491. Evan J. Wallach
Judiciary, Clinton Foundation, Harry Reid
Reggie B. Walton
492. Reggie B. Walton
Judiciary, Clinton Foundation, Intelligence, FISA Court
Jean Louis Warnholz
493. Jean Louis Warnholz
Patent office
James D. Watkins
494. James D. Watkins
Eurotech, Navy, Clinton Foundation
Derrick K Watson
495. Derrick K Watson
Dan K. Webb
496. Dan K. Webb
NSA, E&Y, GE, Microsoft, Verizon, Cisco, Pfizer and Deloitte &Touche
Anthony D. Weiner
497. Anthony D. Weiner
Legislature, Clinton Foundation, Executive branch, DNC
Harvey Weinstein
498. Harvey Weinstein
Clinton Foundation, Pedophilia
Mark R. Weinstein
499. Mark R. Weinstein
Facebook, Cooley Godward LLP, White & Case LLP
Andrew Weissmann
500. Andrew Weissmann
Justice Department, SES
Linton Wells II
501. Linton Wells II
DoD Deputy CIO, Harvard, DoD Highlands Group
Steve Westley
502. Steve Westley
IBM Eclipse Foundation, Clinton Foundation
Stacey White
503. Stacey White
Patent Office
Joe D. Whitely
504. Joe D. Whitely
Executive branch, Intelligence
Valerie Wiener
505. Valerie Wiener
Benjamin Wittes
506. Benjamin Wittes
Harvard, Brookings, Lawfare
Irving Wladawsky-Berger
507. Irving Wladawsky-Berger
IBM, MIT, DoD Highlands Forum
Stephen Wolff
508. Stephen Wolff
Executive branch, Clinton Foundation, Cisco, Internet2, IBM Eclipse Foundation
Richard Wolpert
509. Richard Wolpert
Facebook, Accel Partners
Andrew M. Wood
510. Andrew M. Wood
British Ambassador, Fusion GPS
Joseph C. Wyderko
511. Joseph C. Wyderko
Justice Department
Tony Tan Keng Yam
512. Tony Tan Keng Yam
Singapore Defense, DoD Highlands Forum
Bob Yang
513. Bob Yang
Goldman Sachs
Rodney S. Yanker
514. Rodney S. Yanker
Bank of New York (BNY), Robert S. Mueller investments
John C. Yoo
515. John C. Yoo
US Justice Department, CIA
Nancy Youman
516. Nancy Youman
George Soros, Open Society Foundations (OSF), Open Society Initiative (OSI)
Jack Ma Yun
517. Jack Ma Yun
Alibaba, Alipay, Ant Financial
Michael Zecher
518. Michael Zecher
Patent Office
Mark E. Zuckerberg
519. Mark E. Zuckerberg
Facebook, Clinton Foundation, CIA
Priscilla Chan Zuckerberg
520. Priscilla Chan Zuckerberg
Facebook, Clinton Foundation
Rogue C.I.A. Deep State Shadow Government
No. Highlands Forum / Group (C.I.A.) In-Q-Tel (C.I.A.) NIAC (C.I.A.) NVCA (C.I.A.) IBM Eclipse Foundation (C.I.A.)
1 Anandan, Padmanabhan Adams, Bruce Baylis, Jack Barris, Peter J. Blankfein, Lloud; Goldman Sachs
2 Blankfein, Lloyd Augustine, Norman R. Bronczek, David J. Breyer, James W., Facebook Breyer, James W.; Accel Partners LLP
3 Bookstaber, Richard Ault, III, Lee A. Carr, Robert O. Cronin, Michael F. Chandler, III, James P.; Clinton, Bush, Obama
4 Brin, Glen David Barksdale, James L. Chandler, III, James P. Gallanter, Joanna Rees Davidson, Gordon K.; Fewick & West LLP
5 Brown, John Seely Barris, Peter J. Clinton, Bill Gilman, Louie, C.I.A. In-Q-Tel Dimon, Jamie; JPMorgan Chase
6 Chandler, III, James P. Bowsher, Steve Edmonds, Albert J. Harris, Jeffrey Kappos, David J.; IBM, Pattent Office
7 Clinton, Bill Breyer, James W. Gallegos, Gilbert G. Ketterson, Robert C., Fidelity Milner, Yuri;, VKontakte, Facebook
8 Clinton, Hillary Brown, John Seely Grain, David J. Klopp, Mark V. Sandberg, Sheryl K.; Google, Facebook, Summers
9 Coleman, William T. Chandler, III, James P. Grayson, Margaret E Rockhold, Anne Schmidt, Eric; Google
10 Crocker, Stephen D. Cox, Howard; Greylock Heasley, Philip G. Schlein, Theodore E.; Kleiner Perkins Summers, Larry; Clinton, Obama
11 Derrick, K. Scott Cronin, Michael F. Holder, Eric H. Waite, Chad  
  Deutch, John M. Crow, Michael M. Kappos, David J.   Accel-KKR
6 Dyson, Esther Darby, Chris Kelly, Raymond W.   Access
7 Friel, Brian Friedman, Stephen Knauss, Donald R.   AccuRev
8 Gobalakrishnan, Kris Gallanter, Joana Rees Lau, Constance H.   ACM Queue
9 Gross, Ben Gleichauf, Bob McDonald, Joan M.   Actuate
10 Hagel III, John Harris, Jeffrey Murren, James J.   AdaCore
11 Hean, Teo Chee Jones, Anita Noonan, Thomas E.; IBM   Addison Wesley
12 Kretkowski, Paul D. Kaminski, Paul G. Parker, Keith T.   Adobe
13 Lake, Anthony 'Tony' Kim, Jeong Peters, Gregory   Agitar
14 Marshall, Andrew W. Klopp, Mark V. Podesta, John D.   Aldon
15 O'Neill, Richard P. Krongrad, A.B. 'Buzzy' Reid, James A.   ALGO
16 Ozzie, Raymond Louie, Gilman Rohde, Bruce   AlphaBlox
16 Plunkett, Debora A. Mandl, Alex J. Scott, Beverly A.   AMD
17 Podesta, John D. McMahon, John N. Wallace, Michael J.   ANCIT Consulting
18 Rasulo, James A. 'Jay' Misick, Judith A. 'Jami' Wells, Greg   Anyware Technologies
19 Reno, Janet W. Mullen, Mike     AOL
20 Ronfeldt, David F. O’Toole, Tara     Aptana
  Sandberg, Sheryl K. Paté-Cornell, M. Elisabeth     ARM
19 Shirky, Clay Perry, William R.     AvantSoft
20 Smalley, Richard E. Porter, Lisa     Bandxi
21 Soros, George Poulos, Lisabeth     BBN Technologies
22 Summers, Lawrence H. Radosevich, Will     BEA
23 Venables, Philip J. Schlein, Ted     BEO
22 Waldrop, M. Mitchell Schmidt, Eric     Blackberry
23 Linton Wells II Shea, Teresa     Blackduck
24 Wladawsky-Berger, Irving Strottman, Matthew     Borland
25 Yam, Tony Tan Keng Tenet, George J.     BrassRing
26   Vickers, Mike     Brocade
27   Waite, Chad     Brox
28         Business Objects
29         BZ Media
30         CapeClear
31         Carleton University
32         Cempolis
33         Cenit
34         Cisco
35         Cloudsmith
36         CMA
37         Collabnet
38         ComPeople
39         Computer Associates
40         Compuware
41         CWI
42         Datasweep
43         DC Systems
44         DDC-1
45         DevZuz
46         DSDM Consortium
47         EADS
48         Eastman Chemical
49         Embarcadero Technologies
50         ENEA
51         Ericsson
52         Eteration
53         Etish
54         ETRI
55         FOKUS
56         Froglogic
57         Fujitsu
58         Generalitat Valenciana
59         GentleWare
60         Genuitec
61         Gerhardt Informatics
62         Google
63         Groove Networks
64         Hewlett-Packard (HP)
65         Hitachi
66         IBM
67         IBS
68         IDG
69         Ilog
70         Ingres
71         Innoopract
72         Innovations Software
73         Inpriva
74         Instantiations
75         Institute for Software
76         Intalio
77         Intel
78         Intervoice
79         IONA
80         Itemis
81         iWay Software
82         Jiva
83         JPMorgan Chase
84         Kleiner Perkins
85         KPOT Cummins Infosystems Limited
86         Krugle
87         Laszlo
88         Lombardi
89         LSI
90         Lynux Works
91         Manchester University
92         Mango Software
93         McKinsey & Company
94         MDS Technologies
95         Medical Banking Policy Research (MB Project)
96         Mentor Graphics
97         MetaFinanz
98         Metallect
99         Micro Focus
100         MicroDoc
101         MISYS
102         MKS
103         Model N Motive
104         Montavista
105         Motorola
106         mValet
107         MySQL
108         NEC
109         NetApp
110         New Enterprise Associates
111         Nexaweb
112         NexB
113         Nokia
114         Novell
115         ObjectWeb
116         OC Systems
117         OCDemon Macraigor Systems
118         OCDomon
119         OMG
120         Open Make Software
121         Open Methods
122         Open Source Lab
123         Open Systems Publishing
124         Oracle
125         OVP Venture Partners
126         OW2 Consortium
127         Palamida
128         Parasoft
129         Perforce
130         Polarion
131         Progress Software
132         ProSyst
133         Protocodo
134         QNX
135         RCP
136         Real Networks
137         Red Hat
138         Redmond Media Group
139         Remain
140         Replay Solutions
141         RTC Group
143         SAP
144         SAS
145         Savista
146         Serena
147         Siemens
148         SIGS Datacom
149         Skyway Software
150         Slickedit
151         Software & Support Vertag
152         Sony Ericsson
153         Spike Source
154         Spring Source
155         Sybase
156         Symbian
157         Teamprise
158         TEI
159         Telelogic
160         Tensilica
161         Texas Instruments
162         Thales
163         TIBCO
164         TimeSys
165         TNI Software
166         Toshiba
167         TRC Group
168         Trolltech
169         Tsinghua University
170         Vector
171         Virtual Logix
172         Virtutech
173         VitualLogix
174         W Software
175         Wal-Mart
176         Warburg Pincus
177         Webtide
178         Weston Presidio
179         Wind River
170         Xbredex
171         Zend
Table: Key members of the Deep State shadow government, all rogue C.I.A. agents.

This poster will be updated as additional evidence emerges from ongoing investigations.

*About the poster Celtic wheel cross logo: Theme: We are praying that you will repent of your corruption and see the light of Jesus Christ.

Celtic Wheel Cross
Cemetery monument in Killorglin, County Kerry, Ireland
Cemetery monument in Killorglin, County Kerry, Ireland

From Wikipedia: Ringed crosses similar to older Continental forms appeared in Ireland and Scotland in incised stone slab artwork and artifacts like the Ardagh chalice. However, the shape achieved its greatest popularity by its use in the monumental stone high crosses, a distinctive and widespread form of Insular art. These monuments, which first appeared in the 9th century, usually (though not always) take the form of a ringed cross on a stepped or pyramidal base. The form has obvious structural advantages, reducing the length of unsupported side arms. There are a number of theories as to its origin in Ireland and Britain. Some scholars consider the ring a holdover from earlier wooden crosses, which may have required struts to support the crossarm. Others have seen it as deriving from indigenous Bronze Age art featuring a wheel or disc around a head, or from early Coptic crosses based on the ankh. However, Michael W. Herren, Shirley Ann Brown, and others believe it originates in earlier ringed crosses in Christian art. Crosses with a ring representing the celestial sphere developed from the writings of the Church Fathers. The "cosmological cross" is an important motif in Coelius Sedulius's poem Carmen Paschale, known in Ireland by the 7th century.

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